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Free Shipping in Canada and USA on order over $100usd.

New Shop: Periwinkle Flowers

One of our newest shop listings in the lovely Periwinkle Flowers, now in their new location in Toronto's Mount Pleasant Village. Owner Jessica McEwen mixes seasonal locally grown blooms with imported flowers such as romantic old fashioned garden roses to create happy designs. Using unexpected containers such as vintage tea cups or wrapping bouquets with tea towels, these gifts are designed to make people smile.
These whimsical fresh flower arrangements that are sent across the GTA are the mainstay of the shop’s business, along with a new focus on offering made-in-Canada giftware as well.  “Clearing out for the shop’s move made me realize how much “stuff” we all accumulate- I want  to be sure that things I send out with my flowers are as meaningful a part of the gift as the blooms”, says Jessica.
With an eye for the patterns, prints and fragrances that make her happy, Ms.McEwen now carries scrubs, washes and lotions from Toronto’s “Lovefresh,” screen printed tea towels and cushions by Toronto artist Avril Loreti as well as fragrant soy candles by Montreal’s “Carriage44”.   Soon to arrive are a series of concrete mini planters and glass vases that are locally made.
This is the lovely Jessica!! See how she wrapped her beautiful flower arrangements
in one of my Palace Tea Towels! Such a fun creative touch and a thoughtful gift!
Hours: Mon to Fri 10-6
Sat 10-5

661 Mt. Pleasant Rd. 
Toronto M4S 2N2

9 of the Coolest Lights Ever!

As it gets darker out, I like to create mood lighting in my house - really make it feel like a cozy fall night!  These lights are some of my favorite - they look awesome and give off a wonderful hue.  Now I just have to figure out which rooms to put them in!
P.S. Did you notice that wicked Tetris one?  Oh my!



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September 30, 2014 by Avril Loreti

8 Primo Storage Solutions

As the days get colder, my eyes start roaming around my can I get my place organized and maintain a certain level of awesomeness?!  I've got some ideas below on how to spruce up the joint - take a peek!  Maybe you'll see something for your digs too?
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September 23, 2014 by Avril Loreti

Instagram Lately!

The last couple of weeks have been filled with photo shoots during the day and many photoshop sessions driving me way off into the night. I actually just learned that Adobe Lightroom exists and now i'm obsessed with learning this fantastic photo editing tool. It blows my mind with every new function that i learn! 

Here are a few fun pics of some of the new goodies coming soon to the shop!
Come on over to Instagram to see daily peeks into my studio!


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7 Amazing Fall Florals!

I have a new Tea Towel!  Have you seen it?!  Potted plants, so cute right? 
This got me thinking about the pretty fall flowers out there and how rad they would look in my kitchen (next to this new tea towel, of course!)  Take a look at my faves!
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September 16, 2014 by Avril Loreti

Cloud9 Fabrics

I'm so thrilled to announce today that I've teamed up with Cloud9 Fabrics to design a fun collection of voile fabric for Spring'15! The collection will be making it's debut at Quilt Market this October! 
Here's a little bio that we put together for their blog! 
Cloud 9 Fabrics

Let's Have a Pizza Party!

Its back to school so lets party!  Pizza party that is!  Here are some of my favorite (and most tasty!) pizza pics!
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September 09, 2014 by Avril Loreti

Back to School Mantras for Everyone!

Even though I have long since graduated university, this time of year always inspires a fresh outlook and that "we can do anything!" spirit.  I thought I'd share some of my favorite quotes so you can feel rad too!
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End of Summer Sale!!

We're making some room for some new fall goodies!!
Enjoy 30% off all Regular priced and Sale items! Yay!
Promo Code : SUMMER30
annnnndddd... Shipping to USA and Canada is still free for orders over $100. Yippee!
Summer Sale

6 Dreamy Outdoor Dinner Party Ideas

Summer is my favorite time for entertaining!  Be it a party for two, a formal dinner, or a nighttime picnic with friends, I am always dreaming up new ways to make my outdoor space beautiful and welcoming.  Check out the images below to see how I like to mix it up!
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