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Workshop Fun at The Design Exchange!

 Last night I ran a workshop at The Design Exchange where participants got to design their own Tea Towels... and not just any tea towels, collaborative tea towels!

Participants started by outlining their design for their own tea towel. Then at every 20 minute interval they got up and moved to someone else's towel and had to figure out how to add their own vision to someone else's canvas.

It was...
March 20, 2012 by Hey There!

March News

March is looking like a pretty packed month of workshops and shows and new products and fun events! Here are a few goodies that I'm looking forward too...
 This upcoming Saturday March 10th is the Craft and the New Economy Symposium. a one-day symposium that brings together international, national and local speakers to address the relationship between craft and issues of sustainable business...
March 08, 2012 by Hey There!

Anthropologie Love!

Yesterday I got the chance to meet the Home Buying Team for Anthropologie. Myself with five other Etsy sellers put together a display of our goodies and introduced the Team to our lines. 
It was a fun day and I got to meet some great people!
Here we are! I met some fine ladies at the event who make the loveliest treats! handpainted dishes, ceramic clocks, brightly coloured ornate chalk boards,...
September 09, 2011 by Hey There!

Remembering the Summer 2011... Mustache Edition

 Once we got back from our honeymoon i would have to say that the rest of my summer was consumed by MUSTACHES! With a few juicy orders in the pipeline that will be in stores for Movember, i was overwhelmed with mustaches and had to really reconnect and remember why i got into making these Mustache Hankies in the first place... Because they are hilarious!

I spent one morning in August with the kids...
September 02, 2011 by Hey There!