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A Day at The Beach!

The sun is high in the sky and my sights are set on a fun-filled beach day!  I can't wait to get my hands on the new Judy Blume and relax under that fancy beach umbrella.  With my portable radio and sleek bathing suit, I'm ready for a lazy day in the sun.  Maybe I'll see you there!
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July 07, 2015 by Avril Loreti

End of Summer Sale!!

We're making some room for some new fall goodies!!
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Summer Sale

I Scream, You Scream!!

I always say yes to ice cream!  Especially when its soft serve.  How you could say no to a delicious earl grey or lavender melon swirl?  On these hot summer days, these beauties just make me happy!
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August 19, 2014 by Avril Loreti

This Week's Inspiration: Braids and Buns!

Nothing is better in summertime than a beautiful braided mane! The ones below are a wonderful mixture of styles and buns that I find undeniably gorgeous.  Find your favorite and go experiment!

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June 24, 2014 by Hey There!

This Week's Inspiration: Bathing Beauties!

Laying out in the bright summer sun is really the best part of summer, don't you think?  What makes it even better is doing it in style.  I look to these retro ladies below for inspiration on how to do it right - hopefully you'll be inspired too!

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This Week's Inspiration: Watermelon!

Today's inspiration comes from that glorious summer treat...watermelon!  It's such an amazing colour, and brings to mind so many good summer memories.  What's not to love, really?

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August 06, 2013 by Hey There!

This Week's Inspiration: Garden Party

If you live in Toronto, you know summer is precious and so exciting!  (this is a pretty accurate representation of our seasons)  An outdoor dinner or garden party is the perfect thing to enjoy these long summer nights, and this week's inspiration comes from just that.  Enjoy these days friends!

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July 03, 2013 by Hey There!

My First Batch of Grape Jelly!

 I've been wanting to make grape jelly for years now and i finally built up the courage to attempt it this past long weekend. Thanks to my dear friend Lisa from Girl Can Create and her lovely family Dave and Max, we got a huge tray full of Concord grapes last week. Grown in the neighbourhood and ripe for the picking!

Here are a few pics of my first (and might i add... delicious) attempt at grape...
September 08, 2011 by Hey There!

Remembering the Summer 2011... Hawaiian Honeymoon

Oh Hawaii... sigh. It was everything that i had imagined and more. Perfect weather, tasty food, unbelievable beaches, darling people... every time we would turn another corner on the most amazing coastal drives i would say out loud "Is this for real?! Are we really here!"
 I was definitely inspired by all the amazing colours I saw in nature
and in the developed parts of the islands.
See what i...
September 02, 2011 by Hey There!

Remembering the Summer 2011... Wedding Edition

Hmmmmm what am amazing summer! I keep thinking back to all the good times and can't believe the season is coming to a close in a few days. It's been definitely a summer to remember...
I got married to my main guy Frank! we honeymooned in Hawaii (sigh!), i grew more tomatoes than ever in my garden, and busily worked on a couple of juicy orders for some Mustache Hankies (Wait 'til you see where you...
September 01, 2011 by Hey There!