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8 Bright and Bloomin' Spring Florals to Refresh Your Space!

Ah, Spring!  I knew you would arrive one day!  And now I am feeling so fresh and light ready to enjoy every second of it!  These bright bouquets are bursting with color and beauty, I can almost smell them!  Which one's your favourite??

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Check out more amazing Florals here on my Pinterest page!  Happy Spring y'all!
April 01, 2015 by Avril Loreti

Spring Sale! Sunday April 13th!

Jen from Fidoodle and I are thrilled to invite you to our first ever Studio & Remnant Sale!! 

We've been bundling up all sorts of goodies and making all kinds of pretty springtime decorations and loot bags for the sale! We can't wait to spent the day with our friends and neighbours! 

Sunday April 13th, 1-6pm
Artscape Youngplace
180 Shaw Street, Suite 202, Toronto

See you there!
xo av 

Is springtime here yet?

With the arrival of daylight savings and my urning to get into an outfit that only requires one layer, I'm dedicating this set of Etsy finds to all the springtime lovers out there.

Top Row:
nelladesigns - Custome Your Are My Sunshine Print
raretreasure - Vintage 80s Striped Tee
joom - Aqua Blue Cardinal on Agapanthus Pillow

Bottom Row:
mincingmockingbird - Will You Please Put Down That US Magazine And...
March 10, 2009 by Hey There!