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Colour Photo Filters

I picked up these great little Kola photo filters for my point and shoot camera from Photojojo and boy are they fun to play with. There are the 8 colours of the rainbow in a pack and the possibilities go on and on forever! These are my grapes in grape. They're really green... but soon in a few more weeks I'll be making wine out of them.

I started out with just putting one filter flat over the lens....
August 19, 2010 by Hey There!


I just ordered and now I'm patiently waiting for my new artwork to arrive!

Ever since Frank and I moved homes, I've been slowly putting together my new studio. It feels like it's been taking forever to put everything in place... whatever, more like to make places for which to put everything away in! But it's finally workable. Now all i need is to put some art on the walls.

My first piece is this...
July 01, 2010 by Hey There!

Mustache Hanky Pics!

Ever since i started selling the Mustache Handkerchief, I've been impressed with all of the reasons why buyers want to get their hands (and vacant upper lips) on a hanky all of their own.

I've now started asking all these mustache fanatics to show me how they sport their new 'staches!

Here's SuperAmit fashioning his mustache hanky with serious AT-TI-TUDE!!

For all you photo-"phans" out there you have...

Go Go Polaroid!

So I thought i would start a new set of blog posts that featured some of my favourite items on etsy. This idea came out of always checking the Treasury section and always missing the opportunity to create one... so i just decided why wait!

My first theme is based on the small sadness many of us face with the closing of all polaroid warehouses by the end of this year. So sad! Here are some great...