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Daily Headlines Set 5... Sold!

I was so happy to find out on monday that my Daily Headline Coasters - Set 5, sold after one hour of being on etsy!
Yay! This is the first set sold!
February 06, 2008 by Hey There!

Set 4... here it is!!

Where was my brain on Monday!
I swear, i am still on track with my daily coasters... I posted them on etsy on monday... i swear!

Well here they are... a couple about Heath Ledger... one about Obama... and the rest are newsworthy :)!
February 01, 2008 by Hey There!

Twins married each other after separation at birth!

Here's Set #2 of the Daily Headlines 2008 Coasters!
Click the link to see more pics!
Daily Headlines 2008 Coasters - Set 2

I found the headline above only after a big discussion with some friends over a bottle of Banana beer (Chapeau Banana!), about whether the story was about twins that were separated at birth, or whether they were conjoined twins and literally separated at birth.

I'm having too much...
January 14, 2008 by Hey There!