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Back to School Mantras for Everyone!

Even though I have long since graduated university, this time of year always inspires a fresh outlook and that "we can do anything!" spirit.  I thought I'd share some of my favorite quotes so you can feel rad too!
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This Week's Inspiration: Studios

One of the best things about running my own business is that I get to work in an environment I love. Surrounding myself with beautiful things is what keeps me motivated.

When I saw the workspaces below, I knew these folks felt the same way. Some lovely studios that would inspire anyone to create something awesome!


June 03, 2014 by Hey There!

This Week's Inspiration: Bows!

Bows are one of my absolute most favorite things! Seeing them on clothing, accessories, home decor, or art leaves me delighted every time.  Check out the inspired bows below and get happy!

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May 06, 2014 by Hey There!

Weekly Inspiration : Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Everyone!

There is a chill in the air, colourful leaves are starting to collect on the ground, 
those pumpkin spice lattes are everywhere...fall is in full swing!  I'm loving the details in these thanksgiving displays, the natural elements right at home on the dining table.  
I think it looks beautiful, and has me inspired big time!

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October 11, 2013 by Hey There!

This Week's Inspiration: Mismatched Plates

Anytime I visit an antique fair or flea market, I'm always on the lookout for mismatched plates.  Finding a beautiful plate is one of my absolute favourite things and I have a rapidly growing collection! Here are a few great collections I've spotted to get you inspired to start your own collection!

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September 26, 2013 by Hey There!

This Week's Inspiration: Geometrics!

This past week has been all about geometric shapes, delicious colour combos and many pots of hot coffee. My eyes are going zingy with lines and I'm dreaming in geometrics at night! Here are some of my favourite inspiration images this week!

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And for lots more design related inspiration...follow me on Pinterest!
August 21, 2013 by Hey There!

This Week's Inspiration: Pattern Play

This week's inspiration is big, bold, beautiful pattern!  I can't get enough!  How do you feel about pattern?  Are you into the big, graphic styles, or is a finer design more your thing?

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July 18, 2013 by Hey There!

This Week's Inspiration: Coral!

Don't you just love coral?  It's laidback, feminine and fun all wrapped up in a juicy, summery hue! Here are some faves picked from my Pinterest boards...

I'm such a sucker for anything to do with synchronized swimming, so the card below has completely won my heart! It's been ages now, but all through junior high and high school i did synchronized swimming at the local pool. Practicing our routines...
June 18, 2013 by Hey There!