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My First Batch of Grape Jelly!

 I've been wanting to make grape jelly for years now and i finally built up the courage to attempt it this past long weekend. Thanks to my dear friend Lisa from Girl Can Create and her lovely family Dave and Max, we got a huge tray full of Concord grapes last week. Grown in the neighbourhood and ripe for the picking!

Here are a few pics of my first (and might i add... delicious) attempt at grape...
September 08, 2011 by Hey There!

Movies and Makers Wrap Up!

Thanks for everyone who stopped by the always amazing Movies and Makers Show this past weekend! It was another magical event with fantastic vendors and plenty of guests who braved through the rain to get to the show! A Special Thanks to Lisa Pijuan-Nomura from Girl Can Create for putting together another great show!

No photos of yours truly this time around;) Here's my little table filled with...
May 16, 2011 by Hey There!