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Team Pink is Fighting Fires!

Check out Firefighter Monica hot on the scene, stomping out fires, and kicking out the style in her sweet pink gingham mustache bandana!

These days us ladies really can do anything we set our minds to... but sometimes when you want to roll with the boys, a styled handle bar mustache let's them know who wears the pants in this operation!

Thanks Monica for sending in the photo!
June 08, 2009 by Hey There!

Sooooo BUSTed!

The new issue of Bust has just hit the newstands and I'm thrilled to the extreme! A couple of my Mustache Handkerchiefs have made it to the pages of their Looks section... page 32! I share the page with some amazing finds from,, and and of course a new designer game for my favourite console... the DS!

Thanks to Callie Watts and...
September 18, 2008 by Hey There!