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Weekly Roundup of Awesomeness!!

I am Ciara
*Loving the work by London based designer and illustrator Ciara Phelan (image above)

Donut Bouttoniere
*My donut love extends to this fantastic donut bouttoniere found on

Poketo Bunny Bookmard Tabs
*yay bunnies! These little guys will totally brighten your day while you're catching up on all your reading before that major exam that's worth 75% of your grade...

Justin Bieber...
October 22, 2010 by Hey There!

Coming Down the Pipeline! New Hankies!

I've been dreaming and tweeting about these already and i am just to excited to finally get these guys into production. They're fun and bright and colourful and yummy! They're my new handkerchiefs coming down the pipeline!!

I'm hoping to have these available in the next couple weeks, but here's a sweet preview of a few styles.
September 01, 2010 by Hey There!
Tags: donuts hankies

Yummy Sprinkles!

I love that I'm not the only one with Sprinkle Donuts on the brain. I designed my Yummy Sprinkles Donute Tote earlier this Spring as a way of indulging in this dangerously delicious treat, but not gaining any calories.

Now... I discover this amazing font called Glaze that you can find on Every character is made out of a decadent Sprinkles Donut!

If only this font existed when I...
June 21, 2010 by Hey There!