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This Week's Inspiration: Weaving!

Handwoven fabrics are truly a wonder!  Some of the pieces below are my absolute faves and really showcase this lost art.  I personally love weaving items with different colors, prints and textures and displaying them in my home. I just started weaving about a year ago at a local studio and I'm now completely obsessed! The possibilities are endless and therefore totally inspiring!

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DIY Projects for the weekend!

I am loving all the DIY projects that you can find on Pinterest. One of my goals this spring is to tackle more of these projects to beautify my life and get my Craft On. Here are my faves of the week!

Recycled Pallet Vertical Garden via Design Sponge (above)
*This would look so great in an entrance way or along the exterior walls of your backyard.

PomPoms and Luminarias via Martha Stewart
March 16, 2012 by Hey There!
Tags: Craft DIY

March News

March is looking like a pretty packed month of workshops and shows and new products and fun events! Here are a few goodies that I'm looking forward too...
 This upcoming Saturday March 10th is the Craft and the New Economy Symposium. a one-day symposium that brings together international, national and local speakers to address the relationship between craft and issues of sustainable business...
March 08, 2012 by Hey There!

Avril's Toronto Birthday Shopping Countdown... PT2

Mmmmmm... It's the end of Victoria Day weekend and I'm packing up order and listening to the popping and crackling of firecrackers going off in my neighbourhood!

I'm still dreaming about my birthday! Only 9 days left! With so many present options to be found on the Toronto Craft Alert crafty links I can't help but take another look at all the goodies that I want to treat myself too....


Etsy Finds Yellow...

I just can't get enough of Yellow! Mimosa... Canary... Mustard... Lemon... even fluorescent yellow! When I'm clothes shopping I gravitate towards the yellow tops and shoes... When I'm grocery shopping I lean towards the yellow packaging... and when I'm on Etsy the #1 colour that always stands out is a perfect juicy yellow!

These finds would brighten up any home, outfit, or office!

Top Row:
joom - Yel...
February 12, 2009 by Hey There!