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Free Shipping in Canada and USA on order over $100usd.

Website Update!

Well it took me months to just sit down and do it, but i finally updated my website last night!

New About section...
New Press section...
New Stores section...
New Contact section... Yay!

Now I just have to figure out where to put a News section and maybe a Gallery... hmmmm.
I'm feeling good! Upward and onward!

October 09, 2009 by Hey There! goes live!

It's finally live!
After about a month of clicking away at dreamweaver, flipping back and forth through the pages of my trusty training manual, and getting invaluable advice from my fellow Etsiers... I've just put up my new website!

Thanks to Frank for helping me tweek my site and helping me with the fine art of design hierarchy. A special shout out to Kylefor helping me get over my last FTPing...