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Free Shipping in Canada and USA on order over $100usd.
This is going to be a good year! I'm excited about all the new crafty goodies that i'm working on, and i'm even more excited about the ones that are still just little nuggets of ideas that are still roasting in my brain!!! (What... roasting?!)..

2008 has already been a blast. I rung in the new year with my friends whom i just 100% LOVE! and then, when I came home from a night of super fun, I checked out my etsy shop and found that I had already made a Sale. My first sale of 2008 was made only hours into the new year! If that's not a good sign of things to come in 2008 then i don't know what is!

The sale was also for one of my favourite items... one that I hold dear to my heart... My Classifieds Coasters!! Cuz finding a great apartment in the city is always easier with your drink of choice along side for the heart breaking and exhausting task of finding the perfect place. (Which thankfully I don't have to do for a while!!! Yay 2008!)
January 02, 2008 by Hey There!

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