Free Shipping in Canada and USA
on order over $100usd
Free Shipping in Canada and USA on order over $100usd.

This past month I was fortunate enough to be invited to participate in a beautiful new online shop called GoodEGG Industries. Their mission is to support and bring attention to Canadian independent artists and designers.

They've brought together a great mix of styles and designs that really show the range of talents that you'll find in the Canadian art and craft community. They have adorably named categories for the products, crafty canadian links, and profiles of all the participating designers. Check out my profile here!

You'll have to keep GoodEGG Industries in mind for your holiday shopping fun! Here are a few pieces that caught my eye!

Nightjar Books - Two Notebooks - Circular pine and birch
Lee Meszaros - Making a house a home merit badge

Loyal Loot - Log Bowls
rikrak - Citrus Cake Quilted Bib

Thimble Handmade Goods - Collage Greeting Card Set
Pego - Yellow Aspen Wallet
October 05, 2008 by Hey There!

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