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Years ago when I worked at an art supply store we used make up games using art suppliers to make the days go by faster. Guessing product codes, making stuff out of the scrap paper stock, and memorizing paint names were just a few... Hookers Green always made me giggle.

My favourite game was always the one we called The CMYK Game. We would grab our trusty Pantone Formula Guide and someone would pick any colour in the fan book and cover up the CMYK values assigned to that particular Pantone hue. Then the other person would have to name the CMYK values to the colour.

Now guess the CMYK values of these Pantone bags! With only 16 days left until my birthday I wonder how possible it would be to convince maybe a good friend... maybe my favourite brother... or maybe my Portuguese neighbour to pick me up one of these amazing totes?!
May 11, 2009 by Hey There!
Tags: bags cmyk Pantone

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