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Free Shipping in Canada and USA on order over $100usd.

Mmmmmm... It's the end of Victoria Day weekend and I'm packing up order and listening to the popping and crackling of firecrackers going off in my neighbourhood!

I'm still dreaming about my birthday! Only 9 days left! With so many present options to be found on the Toronto Craft Alert crafty links I can't help but take another look at all the goodies that I want to treat myself too....

Above Image: Crocheted Anatomical Heart by Shannon Gerard
Ga-gung... Ga-gung...

Bunny by Pupa
What a lovely lady bunny...

Card Set - Fall Trip by School Yard Studio
It's always handy to have a stash of pretty cards ready-to-go for any occasion...

Zombies need love too pillow by Cipolla
Zombies creep me out more than any other scary creature... i mean seriously... they want to eat your brains... gross..... but come on... double seriously... this pillow is just adorable! I heart zombie pillow.

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