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I have this vision for the future on my dishware. I mean right now it's pretty minimal and white and yes... ikea. But i have this picture of the most perfect version of my future place settings.

It all started when i saw the movie "Rachel Getting Married". There's this scene in the kitchen which is pretty intense. Now don't watch it for the acting... just look for their plates. The family in this movie had amazing eclectic taste and really knew how to mix and match in the right way. Their dishes were all different. Not one of them matched the other. This blew my mind...

Of course... Why pick only one kind of plate for your kitchen. There are so many pretty designs to choose from so why only pick one!

So 2010 is all about a new mission. Start to build my cutesy-wootsey, mix-and-match, vintage-meets-contemporary dishware! Frank treated me to these amazing "paint by number" inspired plates from Anthropologie last christmas. I think I'll be driving out to some fun antique stores this weekend to add some new pieces to the collection! I'm feeling excitement of the scouring... the collecting... the adventure in dishware!

Above Photo via Poppytalk - "Pretty Nest Things" Jan 13, 2010

notNeutral - City Plates - Collection 5

Ninainvorm - Redecorated Plates
January 15, 2010 by Hey There!

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