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Announcing my new handkerchiefs just in time for Valentine's Day!

I like you. Do you Like Me? Handkerchief
[]yes []no []maybe

What more can you ask your crush... your sweety-pie... your raison d'être? Bring on this Valentines day with a secret note to pass along to your very own main squeeze.

Pink Diamonds Hankies - Diamonds are a girls best friend... This pinky girly diamond pattern is just dreamy for your lady this Valentine's day!

Turquoise Diamonds Hankie - Diamonds are forever and this dreamy diamond pattern is inspired by what Pantone chose as the color for 2010... Turquoise! Great gift for your designer-friend for Valentine's Day.

The Smooches Handkerchief is one of my classics! With kissy prints all over, your love-muffin won't be able to resist it! It's soooo smoocherific!
January 19, 2010 by Hey There!

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