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Every once and a while I find myself realizing that I've missed out on something major. Something that everyone else seemed to know about, but it totally passed me by. Maybe it was a classic saying that I never really paid attention to until i was older like "mind your pennies and your dollars mind themselves", or maybe it was a fantastic movie that was never on my radar until recently like "The Way We Were"... hmmmm the way we were...

But the beauty of missing out for years and then discovering these finds when they're ripe for the picking is just classic gold. Like my discovery this passed weekend of Marty's Butter Tarts. I have never had such a wonderful butter tart in my entire life. It was like watching Start Wars for the first time and being blown away. It was like hearing Arcade Fire for the first time and having my ears explode. It was like saying "righty tighty, lefty lucy" for the first time and loving the way it rolled off my tongue. It's was ... soooo delicious!

Marty's Butter Tarts, you are now officially in my top ten foods to eat of all time!

Found in Bracebridge, Ontario in the heart of The Muskokas, these butter tarts are worth the drive... heck they're worth the flight if you're not in the area. Schedule your trip around the butter tarts. Go to Marty's as soon as you get to town. Enjoy a tart. Then you'll find plenty more to do in the area. Shop, hike, canoe, whatever... just make sure that you have easy access to getting back to those butter tarts. Then on the way home, buy yourself some butter tarts to bring home your your friends and family. They are just incredible!

Here I am cradling the butter tart before i attack it.
August 25, 2010 by Hey There!

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