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I just discovered Elsie's 4 Simple Goals over on For the Easily Distracted's blog this afternoon and though it would be a great way to end off my work week on this sunny friday afternoon... What 4 things do i want to accomplish before 2011.

1) Take more photos of all the goodies i discover and the experiences that i find myself in everyday. Post them as soon as i get back to my computer... don't just leave them on my camera.

2) Finish putting together my new studio and post some before and after pics on my blog. Spoiler Alert... you are going to die when you see my amazing yellow and white checkerboard floor:)

3) Post every weekday on my blog. Whether it's something awesome that i find, or something exciting that i'm working on, post at least once every weekday from now until 2011.

4) Finally design my dream 2011 Tea Towel Calendar that i've been dreaming about all month of August. Design it, Print it, Sew it, Show it off!
August 27, 2010 by Hey There!

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