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RAD! Just RAD!!!

When i was in grade 4 i begged my parents for a skateboard and when i got one for my birthday i was elated. It had this wicked cobra on it and it was sooo rad. What wasn't rad was my quick realization after my first run on the board that i was (and still am) awfully afraid of falling. I just couldn't kick it. So my love for skateboarding remained at a distance... but no more!

Above : Recycled Skateboard Road Trip Belt Buckle

Recycled Skateboard Urban Lemonade Medium Hoop Earrings

Check out these gnarly pieces by etsy seller Seven Ply. They reuse and recycle old skateboards and make totally unique and totally rad jewelry and accessories. The bright colours and amazing graphics that they play off the edges of the 7 layers of skateboard wood look sooo cool. I bet wearing these just keeps you young.

Recycled Skateboard Custom Order Mustache Necklace
September 07, 2010 by Hey There!

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