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Free Shipping in Canada and USA on order over $100usd.
Even though it's been cold and snowy and it's forecasted to snow 20 cm tomorrow in Toronto, I've got summer on the brain.

Picture this... a warm sunny afternoon... lazing on your patio with a trashy magazine in hand and your favourite micro brew sweating in the heat at the ready for your next sip... the sounds of your neighbours cutting his lawn... Mmmmm are you there... can you picture it. wait... first take a sip of that brew. Yeah, now you're here. welcome to the summer of 2011.

Oh! and what are you wearing there... why it looks like a lobster bib. The latest new accessory in my Spring 2011 collection. You look smashing in it:)

I've been developing these bibs for the last few weeks and finally have a few photos to share with you. The lobster bibs will come as sets of 2. Each with their own lobster print on it. They're also available in a blue stripe or a yellow. There's still a few details to iron out, but here go the prototypes...
February 02, 2011 by Hey There!

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