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It's official! Frank and I are getting married! I've been wondering for a while now if y'all would be interested in some of my wedding planning details, but as soon as i mailed out my Save the Date cards, I just couldn't resist sharing in the fun!

So we're having a sweet little wedding this summer at our home in Toronto. Picture a cute little garden party with my kind of city charm!

So back to the story of the cards... Frank and I have a full on love for antique markets. We love the treasure hunt and finding new old pieces that fit perfectly with our collection. One of my favourite finds is anything retro Niagara Falls, especially postcards. I've seen plenty of vintage postcard of Toronto along the way, but i never made anything of it until...

Until the day I had to make some Save the Date Cards!! Our wedding is going to be in the city that we love and have made our home and we loved the idea of including it as a part of our celebration!

Yay Save the Date Cards!!
February 03, 2011 by Hey There!

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