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I head out with some buds to Toronto's huge annual contemporary city-wide art event Nuit Blanche this weekend. It runs alllll night long on Saturday through to Sunday morning. The streets were buzzing and excitement was super high! The event showcases art projects all across the city. We primarily worked through the downtown core. Starting with Flightpath Toronto at city hall...

 We belted out some rockin' hits at Campbell House Museum with 1972-1976. I found myself singing into my camera... as if it was a microphone (or a beer bottle:)...
 ...we did the wave behind city hall with Through The Gorilla Glass...
 Barricades completely transformed a block of Yonge Street. 
 TESTtubes was so magical. These little laser lights were sound sensitive and would move around with the sounds of the crowd underneath. Renée pointed out that our cats would have LOVED this exhibition!
 You called this balloon and it would ring loud in the air. 
It was on a super quiet peaceful side street. a very nice surprise!
 Our last stop was at The Gladstone Hotel for their Fly By Night projects...
 a life without tomatoes is like a life without... peanut butter.
This piece win Most Amazing/Ridiculous Art of the night. We were all taking turns snuggling in this huge bird nest.
October 03, 2011 by Hey There!

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