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You can find great art just about anywhere in NYC!! Yes we visited a bunch of galleries, but i thought it would be more fun to show you some of the art we stumbled upon in our walks around the city. 

We took a lovely stroll on The Highline and found this bunch of furry friends along the way at The Highline Zoo
 I think this might be inside a design studio. It was definitely in Soho and maybe your know this about me, but maybe you don't, but I LOVE Swimming! I also love any art related to swimming and pools. So i am a total sucker for this piece!

We visited the New Museum and found this balloon shaped glass pendant lamp in their café.

 There was a Jewish youth parade right outside the MoMA on the first sunday of June. I knew i was missing the Roman Catholic parade that happens outside my house every year on the same day, so i was pretty excited to see that at least i could still get my parade on. The colour and design of these posters definitely caught my eye.

A bunch of subways stations have interesting art along the walls. Prince St. station has these little commuters walking down the wall alongside you.

Spotted this wall along Houston Ave.
June 13, 2012 by Hey There!

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