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Summer 2012 has come to a close... sigh...
I haven't posted much about what I got up to this summer so i thought i'd share a few photos of the highlights...

 Got up to some canning a few weeks ago and made some hot pepper grape jelly from the grapes and cayenne peppers from my garden. I'm loving that delicious amber colour so much.

 Every year I can my garden tomatoes too, so when i spotted this vintage Unico tomato toy truck on one of my many summer antiquing days i nearly fainted. 

Next time you're in Prince Edward County treat yourself to a drive-in movie at The Mustang! It's one of my favourite summer destinations.

(with a special shout out to the Newfoundlander seated next to us who kept feeding us beers! this fist pump is for you!)

Oh oh! And this summer i faced one of my fears... bike riding in the city! And now I LOVE it! Here's my lovely new friend Glider on a little trek out on the West Toronto Railpath. 

So long summer and hello fall! Looking forward to a new season of adventures.
September 04, 2012 by Hey There!

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